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Friday, 21 January 2011

SA4QE 2011: The Slickman A4 Quotation Event is recruiting!

It's that time of year again, when fans of the great American author Russell Hoban share their favourite quotes from his many wonderful books with the world.

SA4QE is now in its 9th year and began as an idea for a way to celebrate Hoban's birthday on 4 February - he will be 86 this time round! - in suitable fashion.

To take part, simply write your favourite passage from a Hoban book (and there are lots to choose from, from the 1980 masterpiece Riddley Walker to the children's classic Frances the Badger to the most recent novel Angelica Lost and Found) on a piece of paper, and leave it in a public place on Friday 4 February.

In the past few years SA4QE contributors, or 4qaters (pron. fork-you-aters) as they're known, have also shared the Hoban love across various social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is very much encouraged, but of course as the very name SA4QE suggests there's nothing quite like leaving a good old sheet of A4 on a park bench, on the wall of a subway train or on a bookshop shelf.

In deference to Russell Hoban's preferred medium, contributors generally use yellow A4, but this isn't obligatory; we certainly wouldn't want you to feel you had to buy a whole ream in these straitened times just to take part, although many Hoban heroes from Kleinzeit to Herman Orff have found that this investment has set them on an adventure they'll never forget... (Disclosure: SA4QE is not sponsored by Ryman's, or indeed any other stationer.)

Whatever you choose to lay your quotes out on, please share them with this site. You can do this in a number of ways, such as by emailing us direct (the best method if you take photos of your yellow paper drop), posting them on the Kraken (the official Hoban fan forum established 1998) or using the SA4QE comments facility which will be clearly posted on the front page of this site starting 3am UK time on 4 February.

In the meantime watch this space in the next few days for a nice surprise!

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